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Test for check of your knowledge.

1. What does name „server“ mean in computer terminology ?
a) Router is a network device that implements a process called routing for retransferring datagrams towards their destination.
b) General name for process or system which provides some service.
c) The application protocol used for transferring data over the Internet.
Your answer (a,b,c):

2. How many layers have the Referential Model OSI ?
a) 5.
b) 9.
c) 7.
Your answer (a,b,c):

3. Which of the following layers is not included in the Referential Model OSI ?
a) Physical
b) Network
c) Programmatic
Your answer (a,b,c):

4. Which of the following names doesn’t belong to topology of networks ?
a) Square
b) Star
c) Ring
Your answer (a,b,c):

5. What is the maximum length of cable in the network with use of twisted pair ?
a) 50 m.
b) 100 m.
c) 200 m.
Your answer (a,b,c):

6. What cable type use the Ethernet 100base-FX ?
a) Two optical fibres
b) Coaxial cable
c) Twisted pair
Your answer (a,b,c):

7. The name of active component which copies data to all others ports without consideration to which port (PC and IP address) data belongs is:
a) Hub
b) Switch
c) Bridge
Your answer (a,b,c):

8. The most simple type of firewall is:
a) Application gateway
b) Statefull packet filter
c) Packet filter
Your answer (a,b,c):

9. What is the maximum speed of download in modem standard IRU-T V.90 ?
a) 90 kbit/s.
b) 33,6 kbit/s.
c) 56 kbit/s.
Your answer (a,b,c):

10.What transfer speed has the technology called RONJA ?
a) 50 Mb/s.
b) 100 Mb/s.
c) 10 Mb/s.
Your answer (a,b,c):

11.In which year has begun the name Internet ?
a) 1987
b) 1982
c) 1995
Your answer (a,b,c):

12.Which transfer protocol is used for data transfer in Internet ?
b) TCP
Your answer (a,b,c):

13.Which network standard WI-FI has the highest transfer speed ?
a) IEEE 802.11b
b) IEEE 802.11n
c) IEEE 802.11g
Your answer (a,b,c):

14.Standard Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b works on the frequency:
a) 10 GHz
b) 5 GHz
c) 2,4 GHz
Your answer (a,b,c):

15.SMTP is a protocol used for:
a) For domain names translation.
b) For transfer of e-mail.
c) For files transfer of remote files
Your answer (a,b,c):